the SINA Story

Jangu-eVThe German NGO “Jangu e.V.” has successfully sponsored orphans for their secondary education since 2007. Its founder, Etienne Salborn, lived and volunteered for one year in the Kankobe Orphanage in 2006 and has accompanied to date 100 of its orphans on their life journeys. In 2013, the first generation successfully finished their high school, but was unable to find employment. The sponsorship seemed to have failed because graduates were drowning in youth unemployment and university was unaffordable.

It became clear that the educational system in Uganda certainly decreases illiteracy and helps students to understand basics concepts but an 83% youth unemployment rate (World Bank statistics) in the country with the world’s youngest population (78% below the age of 30) indicates that Uganda is systemically conditioning the majority of its people to seek for jobs rather than to create them. The immense opportunities, such as creative capacities and the social capital are not being developed.

In an Open Space Dialogue, Jangu e.V. and the first geerations of sponsored youth came together in a search for new solutions: A new project was needed in order to find ways to foster job creation and self-sustainability. The idea of SINA was born and diverse people Uganda and all over the world contributed towards creating its unique concept.