What SINA Scholars say about SINA:


If it wasn’t for SINA,  I would not be where I am now, with a great exposure, empowerment and self esteem. SINA enabled me to understand my self-worth, I learnt how to speak in public,  meet any influential person I want to meet without fear, and above all, SINA has supported me to turn my painful past into positive energy. I am what I am today because of SINA.

Ruth Nabembezi, 21, SINA scholar from 2015 – 2016, Founded Ask Without Shame at SINA and became a Queen Young Leader and Echoing Green Fellow.


I surely don’t know what I can ever do to show my gratuite for SINA. It impacted in me, I learnt a lot and I gained skills that I will use forever in my life. Communication skills especially and how to associate with people of all types. To mention but a few. Thanks a lot to SINA!

Brenda Kyomugasho, 25, SINA Scholar 2016 and became the HR Officer at the Uganda Electoral Commission.


Before I joined SINA I didn’t know what to do with my life, I was scared that I was going to be a failure because I had no hopes of continuing with studies but after joining SINA and through a lot of empowerment and coaching, I realized my passions and regained hope for success and created a change in my life.

Joan Nalubega, SINA scholar from 2015 – 2017, Founder of Safe Repellant


I am now strong emotionally and no longer put blame on anyone for the challenges that I met in life and I uphold challenges to give me solutions. I was able to find my passion and create a social benefit to the society out of it.

Angella Marjorie, SINA scholar from 2015 – 2017, Founder of the Gejja Women Foundation



SINA has changed my mindset from being a person who gives up easily to a person who uses challenges to get opportunities. It has changed my mindset about being self-employed: before SINA I thought being self-employed was doing what you wanted whenever you want but now I know that it is a 24/7 responsibility and vocation without quitting. SINA has widened my network as it is a place to meet a lot of different people and learn a lot about other cultures, beliefs and personal stories.

Judith Nantume, SINA scholar from 2016 – 2017, Founder of Wastics Recycling



SINA has impacted me in many ways. It is the place and environment where I discovered myself deeply. I learned how to find solutions towards problems and pains I had.

Turatsinze Mafigi Victor, SINA scholar 2016, Co-Founder of OPPORTUNIGEE


SINA is a life transforming environment which is giving hope and meaning to life of youth. I was hopeless and I didn’t know what I was going to do but since I joined SINA I am now developing my professional skills and my personal growth. It is helping  me to become an entrepreneur.

Sylvain Himbana, current SINA scholar developing a project supporting youth to overcoming alcohol addiction


Oh SINA, my home of value! Long live SINA! SINA has changed me. I used to be afraid to speak in front of many people but at SINA I started to present my idea before the SINA family. I was very shy to present at first but my coach used to support me and as time went on I really I perfected it. Today I have comfortably spoken in front of a congregation of over 2,000 people about my business. I also used to look at things as if they are all impossible but when I joined SINA, I started to see how to make things possible. I realized that SINA is place for empowerment of youth because of its mentoring, coaching and the community. Above all, I had no business ideas and skills but I have graduated with a business that I have used to sustain myself and my family.

Robbin Akong, SINA scholar from 2015 – 2016 and founder of Gboomsa Solar Energy Solutions