Our Impact

award SINA founder Etienne Salborn presenting at the HIVOS Social Innovation Award Ceremony in AmsterdamCurrent Impact of SINA

22 — Number of Social enterprises SINA created
85— Number of scholars currently becoming social entrepreneurs
67— Number of jobs created
1050 — Community members empowered through upcycling plastic bottle construction
260,000+ Lifes improved through SINA Social Enterprises
350,000 Number of plastic bottles upcycled

SINA has been recognized by Uganda’s president Museveni, when SINA exhibited to him and was able to talk to him. Also the German President Joachim Gauck met with Etienne Salborn, our SINA founder in Berlin.

Plastic bag and egshell floor covering exhibiting to president Museveni

Sengonzi Godfrey presenting the plastic bag and egg shell invention to president Museveni

SINA Scholar receiving the Queen’s Young Leader Award by Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace.

SINA was nominated for the HIVOS Social Innovation Award out of hundreds of projects from around the world and our founder Etienne Salborn was invited to give a speech at the award ceremony in Amsterdam in February 2015. In 2016 SINA won the PremaGyan Good100 Award at the GoodFestival in Lausanne, Switzerland and is among the top projects promoting sustainable innovation in the world.

SINA also received a scholarship in 2014 and 2016 under German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel with her programme “StartSocial”.

SINA also became the 2014 “Lighthouse Project” of the German Network for Civil Engagement.

SINA has created further opportunities and was able to link scholars and their startups to participate in:

Individual SINA members have been recognized through:

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