SINA Purpose Safari

Join our Purpose Safari and become a changemaker!

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If you are looking for purpose and you wish to use your skills and abilities to create a social enterprise that creates social value while generating profits, the Social Innovation Academy (SINA) is the place for you!

Our three month “Purpose Safari” for international scholars, provides a unique learning environment and opportunity to broaden your horizon, enable personal and professional growth and facilitate social entrepreneurship.

You will create your own unique “freesponsible” curriculum tailored around your individual needs to unleash your full potential and create your own social enterprise along the lean startup model. By becoming part of a vibrant community of changemakers in Uganda you can find your purpose and inspire others: Experience the culture of empowerment and the unique self-organized learning system at SINA.


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Programme Dates

Application Deadline Application
Intake I 2018 05.02.-11.05.2018 22.01.2018 Apply now
Intake II 2018 04.06. – 31.08.2018 07.05.2018 Apply now
Intake III 2018 17.09. – 15.12.2018 20.08.2018 Apply now

Your road to purpose

During these three months, we will not only inspire you, but we will also equip you with a set of skills and opportunities that will help you get closer to your goals. We will introduce you to a variety of business and entrepreneurship tools. You will talk to social entrepreneurs, take part in sessions and outreaches, and you will get personal coaching. You will be free to shape the community along with your fellows at an early stage. You will explore both yourself and the country in this environment that is designed to support you on your way towards your future life that bares more purpose, sustainability, and satisfaction.

1st month Confusion




  • Intercultural training
  • Un-Learning training
  • Comfort zone challenges
  • Community Integration
  • Coaching one-on-ones
  • Introduction to SINA stages and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Introduction to Holacracy
  • Introduction to Freesponsibility
  • Own personality exploration
  • Group creativity project
  • Presentation training and presentations
  • Ubiquity Online Course
  • Community project phase 1 (Bottle construction, Biosand Filters, Cook Stoves)
Stage Development

  • Understanding novel and emerging business practices
  • Self-reflection
  • Sustainable Communication
  • Resilience
  • Self-reinforcement
Overarching Development

  • Flexibility
  • Intercultural competences
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Sensing business challenges and opportunities
Outdoor retreat
2nd month Emerging 1: Personal Growth



  • Discovering own passions
  • Discovering strengths and areas of growth
  • Motivational coaching
  • Personal needs assessment
  • Reflection on cultural values, beliefs and diversity
  • From challenge to opportunity
  • Ubiquity Online Course
  • Community project phase 2 (Bottle construction, Biosand Filters, Cook Stoves)

  • Self-awareness
  • Personal growth
  • Awareness of personal vision and potential
3rd month Emerging 2: Professional Growth



  • Taking up community roles and responsibilities
  • Design Thinking Challenges in local villages
  • Associative Thinking
  • Idea development
  • Business Model Canvas 
  • Pitch training
  • Proposal writing
  • Fundraising & Crowdfunding
  • Networking skills
  • Leadership training
  • At least one week stay at SINA branch in Nakivale Refugee Settlement
  • Ubiquity Online Course
  • Community project phase 3 (Bottle construction, Biosand Filters, Cook Stoves)

  • Living freesponsibility
  • Social Entrepreneurship toolbox
  • Self-reliant work ethic

What you’ll get

These can be some intense three months. After completing the SINA Purpose Safari, you will be yourself – more than before. And if you are willing to give all you can, you will:

  • Get to know Ugandan culture, walk the streets in Kampala and cook traditional African dishes
  • Get personal coaching and come up with your own project idea
  • Become a more confident speaker
  • Learn to be responsible and be accountable for what you do
  • Grow personally, boost resilience, confidence and self-enhancement
  • Grow professionally by building and applying your entrepreneurship toolbox it
  • Establish your own network and get to know innovators at entrepreneurship events
  • Boost your own market value
  • Get your SINA Purpose Safari certificate
  • Join an Ubiquity University online course 

What you bring along

We believe that the capacity to become a successful social entrepreneur is not defined by a person’s social, educational or professional background but that it is all about values, passion and one’s motivation to create social impact.

SINA therefore does not define strict criteria that scholars must fulfill but we are looking for applicants who can identify themselves with our community values [link] and are striving to become the changemakers of tomorrow.

For a mutually enriching experience at SINA, living in a community of changemakers in rural Uganda, you should also bring along:

  • an open mindset
  • interest in Ugandan culture
  • endurance
  • a positive attitude
  • flexibility
  • self-motivation & -organization


Costs Covered services and expenses (3 months)
  • Participation in all SINA Purpose Safari sessions and activities (including individual personal coaching and professional mentoring)
  • Ubiquity University online course and opportunity to continue for certificate of “Certificate in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship”
  • Two weekend retreats discovering rural Uganda
  • 1-2 week Design Thinking Challenge at SINA Opportunigee in Nakivale Refugee Settlement (optional)
  • Participation in current innovation and social entrepreneurship events in Kampala
  • Access to SINA Network of social entrepreneurs and changemakers
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Learning Materials
  • Social contribution: Part of your costs will cover the scholarship of participants from marginalized backgrounds from Uganda, who are unable to afford even travel costs to SINA but wish to transform themselves and their communities.

If you require support and you have a drive to create a better life, you can also apply here [LINK] for one of our scholarships!


Learn more about us

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  1. Why do I have to pay and others don’t?
    • Providing tuition, a bed and food costs money. Anybody who stays with us is asked to contribute by paying for their stay. This is something any private academy has to do. However, we would like to give a chance to those who cannot afford to pay much money. This is why we provide scholarships to applicants who make clear that they need one.
  2. How do I get a visa?
    • You will have to apply for a Uganda tourist visa valid for three months. The application process is done online. Choose the categories “Uganda Ordinary/Tourist visa” and “Single Entry”. You will need the following documents: A passport copy, a passport photograph, and a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. The application fee is 50 USD. Use the online application system to apply for a visa.
  3. Will I receive a certificate from SINA?
    • Yes, you will get a certificate for completing the SINA Purpose Safari.
  4. Will I leave SINA with a successful social enterprise?
    • As its name indicates, the SINA Purpose Safari is designed to help you get moving forward on your personal path, no matter what it looks like. We can’t and we won’t request you to create a profitable social enterprise before you leave. Three months is a short time. If you know that you want to be a social entrepreneur, you will have the chance to try out your business idea with us and continue growing when you are back home.
  5. Do I already need to have a business or a business idea before coming to SINA?
    • We welcome everybody who already has an idea. We also welcome everybody who does not, but instead shows a strong will to learn and grow.
  6. Where will I be living?
    • You will be living in one of our residential buildings in the centre of SINA grounds. You will have your own room.
  7. How can I apply?
  8. When is the application deadline?
    • You can usually apply until four weeks before the first day of the respective intake. For example, you can apply until May 7th for the programme beginning on June 4th.