Sengonzi Terrazzo

Waste is only waste if you waste it!

Sengonzi Terrazzo Ltd. produces the world’s first Terrazzo and Epoxy Floorings out of plastic bags and egg shells. It is an invention from Uganda, cost-effective, durable, visually appealing and saves our environment from waste. It especially saves the environment from plastic bags being burnt while creating employment opportunities for marginalized youth and creatively inspire Ugandans to see garbage as an opportunity, rather than a problem. Sengonzi Terrazzo Manufacturers and Construction Company is a Ugandan Social Enterprise Startup with a focus on creating lasting impact on the environment through identifying opportunities in areas that others see as garbage. The objective is to upcycle waste, especially plastics and polyethylene, while employing marginalized youth. Upcycling goes beyond recycling, that is to use waste materials for creating something of higher value.

The social enterprise support the waste collectors from the dumping site with economic income that allows them to transition into other more dignified and healthy economic activities. The staff of six is made of young people coming from the Kitezi Dumping Site area, who come from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds. Sengonzi has trained them in the process of production and laying terrazzo. Plastic is usually dumped either in the environment or burnt. Little awareness exists about the negative effects of the gases released to human health and to the environment. Sengonzi has been able to create awareness about the challenges and show an innovative solution and that waste can be used for something productive, it does not have to be just burnt. Through upcycling plastic bags, we have saved toxic gases from being released into the atmosphere. All this has been done while creating monetary value and jobs in a country, where 83%of youth are unemployed.

Telephone Contact;
+256 70 3606071
Construction (and Environmental Conservation)
Incorporated in Uganda, Operations in Uganda, Factory in Kitezi (near Kampala)