Kimuli Fashionability

In Uganda, huge amounts of plastics are poorly disposed and others are burnt. This causes harmful diseases and environmental problems leading to soil infertility and erosion reducing the growth and development of agriculture. The burning of plastics produces harmful gases and air pollution.

Kimuli Fashionability was started in November 2015 at the Social Innovation Academy (SINA) in Mpigi district by Juliet Namujju to upcycle plastic material like sacks, cement bags or empty milk packets to produce innovative fashion and accessory products. African fabrics like kitenge, sisal or backcloth are blended in to create a unique and truly African product. The majority of the tailors are deaf and with every item sold, they are being supported.

In mid 2017 Kimuli Fashionability held the first “Waste to Wealth” Fashion Show in Uganda, to raise awareness about waste disposal and to raise funds for employing further deaf tailors.

In Europe some of Kimuli’s products can be bought here: