SINA embraces a variety of ideas and concepts from around the world
and we wish to give you a small insight to get you inspired yourself:

Educational Philosophies:

Sir Ken Robinson, shows how we need to change from standardized education to personalized education and that we need radical shifts in our educational system.

Sugata Mitra, his School in the Cloud and Self-Organized Learning Environments show that children and youth can organize learning by themselves.

How people can create their own solutions and their own school:

Learning through experiences and Projects is the basis of the SINA pedagogy. Ted Cuevas from High Tech High joined SINA in its early implementation to bring in Project Based Learning.

A culture of uncontrolled empowerment and self-organization:

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is much more than a tool for communication. It is a philosophy of life, that teaches us how to meet everyone’s needs. The culture lived in SINA is based on NVC.

SINA distributes authority to all its members. There is no boss but scholars take over responsibilities in order to gain the expereince and skills they need to be able to create their own social enterprise in the future. SINA uses Holacracy as a tool for empowerment, whereby it is the SINA scholars running SINA themselves

Most of the SINA scholars come from difficult backgrounds and have experienced hardships and even traumain their lives. Nick tells his story and how it does not matter where you come from and what you have or do not have. A great inspirational video:

Our comfort zone is a very comfortable place, unfortunately, not much learning and personal growth happens there. This is why SINA embraces the idea of comfort zone challenges and continuously challenging yourself to grow and achieve your dreams.

Personal Mission and Life-Coaching to achieve your Dreams

Life-Coaching is the tool SINA applies to support scholars to develop their goals and set steps to achieve their dreams.

Once scholars know their purpose, they take up roles within SINA that help them to gain what they need to get closes to their goals.Therefore, scholars and SINA are in “Co-Mission” that puts scholars into Position for Fruition.

Everyone in SINA becomes a Leader and leads part of SINA and later a social enterprise. This requires a mindset to lead by example and have people follow because they want to, not because they are told to. The entire SINA model is based on “Freesponsibility” and intrinsic motivation. Simon Sinek explains a few underlying ideas in this great talk.

Mark Twain said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” The framework of psychologist andocaust survivor Viktor Frankl gives a basis in SINA for scholars to find meaning in their life.

We highly recommend to read the entire book. it can be life changing. Here is the entire audio book:

Startup Mentoring and Social Entrepreneurship

In December 2016, SINA had the honor to meet Nobel peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus in Uganda. He developed the ideas behind Social Businesses, using a business mindset to solve challenges ina sustainable way.

SINAs mentoring is based on a Disciplined Entrepreneurship approach by MIT

and combining it with the Customer Discovery by Steve Blank and the Business Model Canvas