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 Where is Uganda heading?

– 78% of the population below 30 years
– One of highest alcohol consumption rates
– 17th highest suicide rate in the world
– Crime and insecurities continuously rising
Teenage pregnancies at 25%
– 1.3 million+ Ugandans are living with HIV
– Youth unemployment rate at 83%

There is cause for worry. Everything starts in our mind to make a difference. More prisons, more punishments, more tear gas and more rehabilitation centers cannot provide a permanent solution, because they treat only symptoms and leave causes untouched. Force and manipulation provide only short time relief.

What we believe

Our attitude and social programming is what matters. Mindset shift and the unlearning of limiting beliefs can cause tremendous change. All our human needs can be met if we start looking at the world differently.

What we do

We support individuals, schools, organizations and companies to find meaning and purpose through transformational trainings and purpose consultancy, having a fresh look at their challenges and opening up possibilities through a unique training and coaching approach, called the “Purpose Safari”. Benefits include:

  • opening up new possibilities
  • transforming challenges into opportunities
  • a rise in productivity & effectiveness
  • preventing strikes in schools
  • transformational staff engagement
  • improved student attendance
  • reduction of pregnancies in schools
  • increased staff productivity
  • rise in profitability of business
  • finding new solutions to stuck problems

Who we are

We are a consortium of professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences from the Social Innovation Academy (SINA). Our Life-Coaches and Empowerment Trainers have transformed many lives and made it possible e.g. for a 21 year old HIV orphan to create an international award winning company, being recognized in person by the Queen of England.

What we offer

Previous participants, such as Stanbic Bank and a various schools, have been able to:

  • reduce blame and fear in the workplace/ school to create a fertile environment that encourages best efforts, creative thinking and problem solving
  • generate confidence and self-belief
  • instilling a desire to succeed and give the very best every day
  • build a strong, engaged and self-driven staff team

We do not provide solutions to people’s problems but open their inner eyes to different options and possibilities. Our workshops, coaching, trainings and consultancy is re-establishing harmony and create a common mindset of possibilities, transforming Uganda for the better.

Give our service a try by sending in what is troubling you or your organization via WhatsApp or call and we will help you create new solutions and ways forward!
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