Find Your Meaning in Life through Social Entrepreneurship

If a 20 year old HIV orphan and university drop-out can create an international award winning social enterprise at SINA, what will you create?

Certificate in Applied Social Innovation:

If you do not find meaning and purpose in the current job you are doing and you wish to use your skills and abilities to create a social enterprise that protects the environment, creates social value and also generates profits, then the Social Innovation Academy (SINA) is for you.

Finding your Purpose and Inspire others:

  • Become part of a vibrant community of changemakers
  • Do not study Social innovation but live it! Experience the culture of empowerment and the unique self-organized learning system for social entrepreneurship at SINA.
  • Weekly Life-Coaching to set your own goals and unleash your potentials by experienced coaches, who have supported thousands of youth through our SINA startup “Ask Without Shame- emergency sex education platform via mobile”.

Unleash your Potentials and Create Your Own Social Enterprise:

  • You will create yout own unique “freesponsible” curriculum tailored around your indvidual needs to be able to unleash your potentials and create your own social enterprise
  • Empowerment Sessions – and how to make the impossible possible
  • Upcycling Plastic Bottle Construction and how to start a successful business without money
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Mentoring following a lean model to prototype and test fast
  • Experience a simple and rural Ugandan life in Mpigi, Uganda

Unique Opportunities for You:

  • Benefit of a vast network of SINA partners, social entrepreneurs, potential donors and investors from around the globe to get your social enterprise off the ground.
  • You will get the unique opportunity to spent time also at SINA OPPORTUNIGEE in the „Nakivale Refugee Camp“, where normally access is restricted. Former SINA scholars have created their self-organized version of SINA in Nakivale and are positively impacting their refugee community.
  • We are activiely working on a partnership with the Ubiquity University in the USA, where you will have the chance after receiving your Certificate in Applied Social Innovation by SINA to continue and pursue Ubiquity’s official Certificate in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship and get 2/3 of their required credits accredited from SINA.

How it works:

The Certificate program is for three month and residential in Mpigi, Uganda at SINA. Food, accommodation and all needed materials are provided. The next opportunity to join SINA is from 18th September 2017 till 16th December 2017 and again
5th of February 2018 till 11th May 2018
4th June 2018 till 31st August 2018
17th September 2018 till 15th December 2018
We have 10 limited spaces for Ugandans and we have five limited spaces available for international scholars.

We will empower you to create your own social enterprise and SINA runs therefore also on a social business model with flexible fees (pay what feels right). Part of your contribution will be covering the scholarship of participants from marginalized backgrounds from Uganda, who are often not able to afford even the travel costs to come from the rural areas of Uganda to SINA but wish to transform themselves and their communites.

Scholarships and Financial Support:

Are you Ugandan, between 18 and 27, fluent in English and needing support to turn your life around? We do not have entry requirements. You can be a school drop-out or a university graduate. We only require that you have a drive for achievement to use your skills to create an enterprise with purpose! SINA has transformed refugees, former orphans, child soldiers, former street children or youth from difficult backgrounds into successful and award winning social entreprneurs who found meaning in life and are positively impacting their communities. You can be a school drop-out or a university graduate. You can be male or female. If you require support and you have a drive to create a better life, you can apply for one of our scholarships! You will gain the Certificate in Applied Social Innovation, take part in our three months program and most importantly, stay in SINA until you are able to sustain yourself as a social entrepreneur! Food, accommodation and the Purpose Safari are provided in your scholarship.

The application process is open throughout the year. Apply now to possibly start on September 18th, 2017.

Request for a Scholarship here !

Call us now on 0758852735 or contact us at for further questions!

Volunteers, Interns and Research Projects:

If you have skills and experience in business, psychology, social entrepreneurship or a field you seem relevant to SINA then we are open to receive you as a volunteer. Please send us an email, one of our permanent volunteers will set a skype date with you to get to know you better and see how you could add value to SINA and how SINA can add value to you. We are able to cover your board and accommodation and can write for you a reference letter, if needed. We follow a social business approach, whereby you are invited to make a financial contribution according to your possibilities, which will contribute towards the scholarships of marginalized Ugandan youth. If you are looking to unleash your own potentials and learn from SINA, please also consider applying as an international scholar.