Social Enterprises Created

Social Enterprises born and raised at SINA (hit image to get more information):

Ask Without Shame – Emergency Sex Education via Mobile

SINA Lazima Nipate – from young refugees to social entrepreneurs

SINA OPPORTUNIGEE -Refugees creating their own Opportunities in a Camp

Sengonzi Terrazzo – Floorings from Plastic Bags and Egg Shells

Walyendo Gallery – Art School for Marginalized Youth and Exhibition

Gejja Women Foundation – Women Cooperative and Re-usable Sanitary Pads

Upcycle Africa – Plastic Bottle Construction

Gifted Hands Network – Early Breast Cancer Detection through Blind Women

Justev Building Systems – Sustainable and Ecologocal Construction

Give Us Your Challenge – the interpersonal problem solvers and life coaches

Eclipso – Sun dried organic fruits

Gboomsa Solar Energy – Rural Solar Systems

Kimuli Fashion – Upcycled Fashion and Accessories

Wastics – Plastic Recycling

SINA Village – Authentic Rural Acommodation and Community-Tourism

Save Mother Child Initiative – Improving health conditions of pregnant women in rural areas

Tusafishe – Biosand Water Filters

Improved Cookstove Association Uganda


Uganics – mosquito repellent soap for malaria prevention

Enterprises currently being born at SINA:

Sayans – Technology Driven School Education

Ray Visuals – Photography and Videography with Purpose

Biogas Latrines – Toilets with the capacity to generate Gas for Cooking

Life Saver Strides – Suicide Prevention Help Line

SBA – Innovative Wood Works

Smart Doctor – Supporting Youth to overcome Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

DJ Prosk – Disk Jokey

Social Enterprises Curently being born at SINA OPPORTUNIGEE

Naki-Football Academy – Football as a way to stop drug abuse and heal trauma

Tucheke – Videos of Change

Part of the Solution -Playgrounds at waterpoints

Yeslife Scope – Sustainable Agriculture around the Nakivale Refugee Camp and Urban Gardening