Social Innovation Academy SINA“If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk with others.” African Proverb

The core culture of the self-controlled and freesponsible empowerment applies to the entire organizational design of SINA.

SINA envisions youth to take over responsibility for their life and the life of others. To support this process SINA itself cannot employ staff but instead is in need of people who are actively working towards achieving their personal vision. Since SINA aims at fostering social entrepreneurs, who create their own jobs, all members  are beneficiaries and volunteers taking over roles in SINA to gain skills and experience. The SINA Coaches and Mentors form the empowerment team and drive the vision of SINA. The team members set their personal mission and ambitious quarterly goals as stepping stones towards reaching their own dreams and create their own social enterprises. To achieve their goals, the individuals have to grow personally and professionally which also allows the scholars to see them as role models who live their passions.

Jangu e.V. offers a supporting stipend in form of a fellowship for the mentors and coaches to be able to cater for themselves and their families until the point they can use their gained skills to create a sustainable living for themselves. When mentors, coaches and scholars establish social businesses or NGOs, it actively supports the vision of youth empowerment and therefore is achieving the goals of Jangu e.V.

Current Mentors and Coaches come from diverse backgrounds, different parts of East Africa and two from Germany.  The most outstanding individuals have vast capabilities in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development and peace education. Some have received recognition such as the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Westerwelle Foundation Young Founder or the Vital Voices Fellowship.

Consolata Kwikiriza

Consolata Kwikiriza – Life-Coach

Georgia Namara

Georgia Namara – Mentor

Josephine Nakiyimba – Life-Coach

Stella Lukwago

Nakawuki Stella Lukwago, Mentor

Mackline Kobusige SINA

Mackline Kobusige – Life-Coach

David Monday

David Monday, Life-Coach

Philipp Mäntele Social Innovation Academy SINA Uganda

Philipp Mäntele -Co-Founder, Mentor, Coach

Henru Othieno – Mentor and Coach


Phillip Twinamasiko – Mentor

Etienne Salborn, Founder of the Social Innovation Academy SINA

Etienne Salborn, Founder, Life-Coach, Mentor

Pascal Mulindwa

Pascal Mulindwa – Mentor

Roland Tayebwa

Roland Tayebwa – Life-Coach

Emile Kwilyame – Life-Coach