Scaling Across

Social Innovation Academies around the world transforming the educational system:

SINA transcends Uganda’s outdated educational model. Seeds have all ingredients to be able to flourish into strong plants. If the soil is not fertile or there is no space to unfold, the seedling will wither. The schools Ugandan students are planted into, allow only a small fraction to grow to their full potentials. SINA re-pots withering students and intensively nurtures them until they flourish, bear fruits and pollinating even others.

Our dream is to unleash the potentials of youth from around the world and the SINA model is spreading internationally in self-organization by our Scholars. In 2016 three SINA scholars went through the SINA Purpose Safari and took the model back into their come community:  the Nakivale Refugee Camp (one of the biggest in the world with 70.000 people) in Uganda. 2017 SINA scholars are preparing to start a self-organized SINA in slums in Uganda’s capital Kampala and in Bukavu (Democratic Republic of Congo). Plans also exists for SINA in a slum in Nairobi and in an IDP camp in Somalia, next to the border of Kenya and Ethiopia. We are creating a network of self-organized social entrepreneurship spaces for marginalized youth!

Of course we will not just copy and paste but adopt to the circumstances of every local community. SINA is owned, run and spread through our scholars in self-organization. In every SINA about 50 youth go through the SINA Model and its Purpose Safari, drive their own education and create social enterprises.

Every SINA starts with a upcycling plastic bottle construction together with the community. The space is then equipped with internet, computers, basic tools and the scholars empowered in SINA in Mpigi to become coaches, mentors and trainers to be able to run the Purpose Safari in the new space to turn challenges into opportunities while starting social enterprises. One new SINA, giving the opportunity to 50 youth to create a future for themselves costs about 6,000 US Dollars for the bottle house and has running costs of only about 200 US Dollars per month, which SINA OPPORTUNIGEE has been able to raise by themselvesafter onlysix months in operation, renting out their space for functions and weddings within the Refugee Settlement.